Character In Schools Part I: What Exactly Is “Character?”

Originally published on This is a first in a series of three posts about student character in schools. In previous posts, we’ve described why we should measure character and how we are measuring character. This post will provide the definition of character as we see it here at EduMetrics. In future posts, we’ll be diving into what character traits are […]

How “Experience Sampling” Could Revolutionize Teacher Grade Reports

Originally published on Think of a typical progress or grade report a teacher writes each quarter. Most of them require a teacher to fill out a rubric or checklist to indicate progress on a variety of behaviors, like active listening, respecting others and staying on task. But what are teachers actually basing these ratings off of after several weeks […]

To Legitimize Character Education Programs, We Must Measure Student Character Better

Originally published on A major obstacle standing in the way of comprehensive character education is that current measures of program effectiveness lack scientific accuracy. This makes it difficult to evaluate whether specific curricula are actually improving kids’ capacities. It’s also really hard for school leaders interested in implementing character education programs to compare commercially available options because each program uses […]

School Bus Stops: The Latest Evidence That We’re Lazy And Anxious About Everything

I was driving to work a couple of days ago and got caught behind a school bus doing it’s morning pickups on a neighborhood street. Not something I’m usually too concerned about but this time I ended up reflexively yelling expletives at its pure absurdity. In the span of, I kid you not, seven houses on one street (I counted), the […]

I Love This TED Talk, But How To Pull This Off In Most Schools?

This 13 minute TED Talk from Dan Finkel, Founder of Math For Love and Doctor of Algebraic Geometry (that’s a thing? Cool.) pretty much encapsulates all that education in schools should be, no matter the subject. How to pull this off is another thing entirely, with our current classroom-teacher-student model plus state-imposed curriculum standards making it almost, but not entirely, impossible to […]

If Kids Can’t Choose Their Teachers, Then We’d Better Stop Making Excuses For Bad Teaching

Kids can’t choose: To be born To go to school (until age 16, in most U.S. states) Their teachers This automatically means that teaching is one of the most profound moral enterprises  imaginable other than parenting because of how little freedom the kids have. Why is slavery such an abomination to almost all people in modern society? Because we can’t […]