I Love This TED Talk, But How To Pull This Off In Most Schools?

This 13 minute TED Talk from Dan Finkel, Founder of Math For Love and Doctor of Algebraic Geometry (that’s a thing? Cool.) pretty much encapsulates all that education in schools should be, no matter the subject. How to pull this off is another thing entirely, with our current classroom-teacher-student model plus state-imposed curriculum standards making it almost, but not entirely, impossible to […]

Let’s Stop Doing Things Just To Do Them

If we do it right, students won’t need “fun activities” to spice up the monotony of sitting in seats for an hour at a time all day. If learning new things stops being compulsory, and in a certain order dictated by the teacher, and instead becomes an outgrowth of the students’ innate, bubbling, organic curiosity, then school itself will be […]

Most Kids Don’t Care About Us

If I think about how many former students have reached out through Facebook or other means years after they left my classroom, that number is pretty small. Maybe 10 total in the 15 years I’ve been in schools? Each time they do, it’s so heartwarming and fulfilling that I get teary-eyed, but it’s still objectively rare. So it’s important for me to recognize that I will only leave wisps of an impression in the minds and hearts of almost all of the kids I’m now interacting with.

Schools Don’t Work Because Adults Are Scared To Grow

In my experience what’s most problematic about schools is the adults who don’t have the courage to grow. As I’ve stated before, school isn’t about adults. It’s about the future trajectories of children who didn’t choose to be born, are forced to attend school, and are stuck with whatever teacher they’re assigned. That totally sucks. It’s not fair, and although I […]

Teachers Should Reveal More To Kids

I had drinks last night with a buddy of mine I’ve known since 9th grade. We knew each other nominally in high school but became closer in college when we played in a blues band together for a couple of years. He took a while to find his footing academically and professionally compared to me, having dropped out of college after […]