Dustin Pedroia Shows How To Be A Famous Athlete Without The BS

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dustin-pedroia-2-718x1024It’s always refreshing to see a professional athlete who very easily could just get complacent and not play as hard because he’s getting paid a crapload of money, yet he plays his heart out every game instead.

A recent article on MLB.com talking about Dustin Pedroia’s recent $100 million contract extension with the Boston Red Sox shows us some of the reasons why this guy is one of the stars who’s in the game for the right reasons:

The former MVP’s $100 million contract extension with Boston is reason for baseball fans from all corners of the world to celebrate.
Pedroia is the polar opposite of (Alex) Rodriguez and (Ryan) Braun in both style and reputation. He’s an athlete you want your children to emulate on the field, a player who talks about his team with the same enthusiasm he talks about his parents being role models. He’s a regular guy who likely forfeited tens of millions of dollars by extending his deal before reaching free agency.
And he plays the game the way it was intended to be played.
The 160-pound star never changes his style. Winning or losing, healthy or injured. It’s down and dirty, with maximum effort in every at-bat and every play. He leads by example and offered a humble response when asked if he has thought about possibly being named captain of the Red Sox.
“I really don’t think about it,” he said. “Every day I get here, I’m focused and I believe we have a ton of leaders on our team. It’s not just me.

Humble, loyal (even when offered less money), works hard no matter what the circumstances… This guy is dude squad. Take careful notes, gents.

Here’s the link to the entire story, which includes a video of his full press conference.

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