Dwyane Wade Avoids Trappings of Stardom, Chooses Involved Fatherhood

This post was originally published on Young Men’s Nation.

You want to know what’s awesome? A superstar athlete foregoing all the women and crazy champagne-fueled club nights and just being a dad. Enter Dwyane Wade.

Not that you guys need to be thinking about kids yet, but just take a look at a guy who could be focusing on far more self-centered things in his life, with the money and fame he has, but is consciously choosing to do something much different. He also committed to fighting through a terrible, drawn-out custody battle with his ex-girlfriend to make sure he was the primary caregiver to his kids.

That’s what it’s all about at YMN. Figure out what you value (Wade clearly values his kids and making sure he’s a good dad to them) and then make the choices, day-to-day, that align with these values and help you reach the vision you want for yourself. This guy is certifiably Dude Squad.

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